Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Round Lake State Park

We recently took a little hiking adventure up to Round Lake State Park. I've wanted to hike here for quite a long time, and I'm so glad we finally had a chance to get up there.

It was a beautiful morning for a family hike.  The trails on the east side of the park were closed due to flooding (spring thaw) so we didn't make it all the way around the lake, but we had a wonderful time enjoying the fresh air and exploring this little treasure.

There was still some ice on the lake, but lots of fishermen taking advantage of the quiet to sit on the docks and dish.  With a toddler and baby in tow, we probably ruined the quiet for them and scared off all of the wildlife, but the trails are perfect for exploring and they look like they would even be nice for some trail running too!  We definitely hope to be back!

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