Friday, March 13, 2015

7QT: Recent Reads

With sickness and solo parenting over the last few weeks, I haven't been reading as much as I'd like, but hopefully I'll have some more time in the near future.  Here's what I've been paging through lately, and two that are on the horizon for me.

1.  Winter Street
A light, easy read.  The Christmas version of a beach book, set in wintry Nantucket.  I read this while we were in Big Sky.

2.  The Husband's Secret
Another entertaining read by Liane Moriarty!  She paints such interesting characters and this book really draws you in.  If you are looking for some good fiction to escape into, this is it.

3.  Siblings Without Rivalry
This is an older book, but worth a skim if you are dealing with sibling issues.  I picked it up from the library because I read about it on another blog, and it gave me some ideas to tuck in my pocket if/when we run into sibling issues down the road.  The cartoon illustrations are kind of hokey, but it does have lots of good ideas.  

4.  Your Money or Your Life
I am just kind of skimming this one.  It has a kind of philosophical take on money/personal finance management, but I am not really a fan of the author's tone.

5.  Ten Habits of Happy Mothers
I'm not finished with this one yet, but I am really enjoying it!  I think the lessons and advice is useful for all women, and men too.  I particularly love her points about solitude and living simply.

Next up:
6.  In This House of Brede
I've seen this one pop up on reader lists from a variety of different places, so it has piqued my interest.

7.  The Whole Brain Child
My sister sent this to me for Christmas, and I'm excited to finally read it!

What are your favorite recent reads?  Linking up with Kelly's Seven Quick Takes!

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