Friday, November 14, 2014

#7QT: Adoration with a Toddler, Winter Running and Other Bits from our Week

Seven bits of randomness from our week....

1.  We stopped to drop off some winter coats at our Church, and ended up bringing home some giant chunks of harvest squash!  This nice lady was giving it away and said it would make the house smell lovely while roasting.  We'll be roasting it this weekend!

2.  For the last month, I've been taking M to Adoration once a week.  We have stayed for about 8 minutes max - this week I wanted to try to stay for 10 minutes, but he was not sitting still, so we left.  He did a good job staying quiet, but he was walking around the room, moving the kneelers up and down, etc.  I forgot to bring his Mass books in with me for him to look at, but I had told him if he was quiet and sat still, he could have a fruit snack pack afterwards.  (Yes, bribery!)  Any tips for 2 year olds in Adoration?  Or is it just a bad idea?

3.  Winter running season is here.  We don't stroller run when the temp is below 30.  And even below 40 I try not to go longer than 30 minutes because I just don't want M to get cold!  He is bundled up pretty well and we use the windshield so I think that helps too, but I know he is colder than me because he's just hanging out in there!

Snuggles on our chilly Wednesday!
4.  So, we're moving outside runs to the afternoon during the warmest part of the day.  What is your cutoff temp for a winter stroller run?

5.  I'm also using the indoor track at our community center.  It is a nice break from the treadmill, even those new fancy treadmills!
New to me shoes, ordered last season's Wave Riders from The Clymb

6.  M is in that adorable stage where he wants to bring along random objects with us wherever we go - this week it is a little mini whisk and a tiny plastic cup (like the kind that comes with Robitussin).  And, while we were playing ("working") at his tool bench, he said I should put on my "ear muffins" because he was banging his hammer really loud.  Love him!

Batman's mechanic
7.  An interesting adoption-related post I came across:  Thoughts?

Have a great weekend, and check out more Quick Takes here! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Run "Through Munich"

It's 27 degrees outside today and so windy that I think our house is starting to lean. ;)  Not the best day for a stroller run!
Enjoying our first snow of the season!

So we went to the Kroc Center instead.  I tried out a new-to-me treadmill that took me on a run through Munich!  And Auckland, NZ - where else can you say that you did THAT in the same day?! 

This was the first time that I've tried out one of the treadmills where you can select a course and run through the streets.  It was a Life Fitness treadmill (I think) and little facts about the city popped up as I ran along.  The only downside is that it will occasionally just switch you from one scene to another, so you aren't really getting the full experience of pretending to run along the course.

I tried to take a picture of my view in Munich, but it came out like this:
I guess it's a little blurry? =)  Anyway, this new feature made my run so enjoyable!  I typically dislike the treadmill, but this may help me keep running more on these cold (breezy!) winter days.

Stay warm!