Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy National Adoption Day

Did you know that Friday was National Adoption Day?

We stopped by an event commemorating the day in Spokane at the Spokane County Courthouse Jury Assembly Room.  
There were lots of happy families there whose adoptions were being finalized that day.
M's Adoption Day 2012
Adoption Days are certainly the happiest days in a courthouse.  Most courthouse proceedings are not much fun, but adoption finalizations are happy occasions for everyone there.

My first time appearing in court without a suit on, haha!
 We've never attended a National Adoption Day event before, but this one included lots of food, balloons, free portrait photography, face painting and other activities for the kiddos.

M loved playing with the balloons and even got his face painted!  I was amazed that he actually wanted to do that and was willing to sit for it, haha!
He chose the ninja turtle mask - and really didn't want to let go of either the cookie or the balloon!
We are so blessed by adoption!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Little Talker

At snacktime:
Me:  Would you like a chip?
M:  I would like a bunch of them!

While snuggling in bed on Saturday morning:
Me: What would you like for breakfast?
M:  Um, sugar toast!
Me:  You have had a lot of sugar toast this week, how about something else?
M:  (without missing a beat) How about sugar toast?!

While playing pretend, M is serving me coffee:
Me: May I please have some more coffee?
M: Of course you may! 
He nearly always says "of course!" so cheerfully if you ask him for something.  It is adorable!