Monday, March 9, 2015

5k By the 5th - March Edition

This was a rough time for me to try to fit in a 5k.  Sick husband, sick toddler, ugh.  We didn't want the baby to catch the bug, so I haven't been able to pass him off to D and run outside.  The first time I wanted to run a 5k at the gym, there were no treadmills available where I had room to park baby J's stroller next to me.  So, I just pushed him in the stroller while walking around the track.

Do you like my litany of excuses?  Wait, I've got more!... =)

So, my last chance was last Wednesday, and both boys had gotten up multiple times during the night.  I was on zombie mode - excuses, excuses I know, but it was rough!  I can't say that I really "raced" it, but I did it at least.  I covered the 5k distance in about 34 minutes.  Slower than I would have liked, but hopefully we are all on the up and up and I can get more running in outside!  Hopefully our house is done with this bug! 

How was your 5 by the 5th?

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