Wednesday, September 30, 2015

An Adoption Hospital Bag

Both of our boys were born in different towns from ours.  In either case, we really didn't know what to expect when we showed up at the hospital. We didn't know if we would be able to stay with either boy, given a room or if they would just have to hang out in the nursery until discharge.  I thought I would share my packing list in case you are expecting a domestic infant adoption and wondering what to bring!

This is what we brought, and what we did/did not use in our most recent adoption:

A bag for my husband and me
  A pair of PJs (neither of us wore these - we basically wore the same outfit the whole time we were at the hospital (approximately 1.5 days, I think!)
  2 extra outfits - I did change into clean clothes the morning after baby J was born.  The hospital had given us a private room to "room in" with him in the labor/delivery ward.  But I didn't use the shower in the room- that seemed a little weird for me to do!
  Camera, phone and battery chargers - Don't forget your chargers!
  A gift for our son's mother.
  We both brought a book/work to do while we waited for baby to be born.  I don't think I looked at a single page, but before M was born, D sat in the hallway and took a quiz for his MBA program!

The diaper bag for the baby
  1/2 of a small package of newborn-sized diapers - you never know what the hospital will provide or send you home with.
  4 outfits (2 piece style, with hats) - Baby J wore just a diaper and tops and was swaddled in the hospital blankets until discharge.  Then we dressed him in his sweet little "going home" outfit.
  4 pairs of socks
  2 of the smallest-sized bottles (before we left our house, I added 3 more to end up taking 5) - We didn't use these in the hospital because the nurses gave us those "ready-to-use" disposable ones, which are wonderful and I wish I had a million of those to use the whole first month!!
  1 package of newborn formula (we used Enfamil newborn first) - didn't use until we got home - by the way, my neighbor just told me that Target's formula is also made by Enfamil, has anyone else heard that?
  A pacifier - started using on the drive home, I think!
  A pair of baby mittens - but we didn't use these
  A warm snuggly to wear over his clothes - a must for winter babies, but we didn't use ours since it was unseasonably warm when we took J home. 
  A warm, soft jacket
  2 swaddles - didn't end up using these in the hospital because we swaddled him in the hospital blankets.

I totally forgot burp clothes and really could have used them!  We had some barfisodes in the hospital in the middle of the night that led to several changes of clothing.  Thankfully the nurses were super helpful and kept us well-stocked with receiving blankets and burp cloths.

I think the main thing is just to prepare for anything and be flexible because you never know how the hospital staff handles adoptive situations.  And since adoptions are not all that frequent, much of the staff may have never dealt with one before at all.  With Baby J, there was a very hands-on social worker present, but with M I don't think we ever spoke with a hospital social worker (but my memory could be failing me).

Any other ideas for what to pack for adoptive families? 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Baby J - 8 & 9 Month Update

This boy is busy, busy busy!  As you can probably tell, I can hardly keep up with him, his older brother and this blog!

8 Month Update: he is a [mini] man on a mission.  The champion of the army crawl and not afraid of any stairs.  He loves to eat anything - including sand, leaves, and dirt.  Trips to the playground are not very relaxing for me - he wants out of the stroller NOW and is crawling like crazy through the sand.  I really miss McEuen park and its turf!

9 Month Update: Baby J has graduated from his army crawl and bear crawl to a full-on speed crawl.  We have gated off our play area, but if he spies an open door, he can sure get to it quickly!  When M plays outside and I've kept him in on the porch, he pulls up to the window and loves to just stand there and yell at M.  He is pulling up and cruising up and down the couch and anything else!  He is definitely a "gross motor baby" as my Mom and I call him. 

 He has 3 teeth poking through, too!!  Two on top and 1 on the bottom.  What a grin with those chompers, too.  He is babbling more and definitely saying "Dadadada" but not meaning it yet.  He hates to be gated in the playroom while I'm cooking dinner, and mostly stands at the gate and yells at me!  He still loves to snuggle in the Ergo and come along with us wherever we go, and he is great in the double stroller on a run, loving M's constant narration/questions.

I think we are all going to be due for haircuts, this weekend, don't you think?  Baby J, we love and adore you!  You are a tremendous blessing to our lives!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

7QT: 7 Scenes from Summer

I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but I'm running out of time before summer officially ends!  So bear with me for a little flashback trip over some highlights from our summer:

1.  Our grand road trip/move from beautiful Idaho to Minnesota (also lovely - but completely different!)

There is nothing like Montana.

2.  We bought a house!  Yikes/yay.  This is our porch.  Not our furnishings.  I need some serious interior design help!

We have a picket fence!  Does it get more suburban/quaint than that?!

Beach week.  Heavenly!


One month of city life in Minneapolis.  We walked everywhere and it was a great [loud] adventure!


A trip to the Sculpture Garden!


Lots and lots of lake time.


Another glorious trip to Florida!  We are already making the most of the direct flights. =)

Bonus pick: back to running/jogging/walking together in our new double Bob.  I love my sweet running buddies!

On we go to Fall and all things apple/pumpkin whatever.  The lake cabin is all closed up so we're looking forward to doing some more exploring around our local area.  Have a wonderful week, y'all!

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Weekend Getaway

A couple of weeks ago, we were so lucky to get a little weekend getaway to visit my parents and sisters in FL.  I flew by myself with the boys and they were super travelers.  My parents generously took us here.  There's just no place like the beach!

The happiest little baby on the beach.

Sister time!


I brought some seashells home and put them by our front door.  A little touch of home in the Midwest.

Have a wonderful, restful Labor day weekend! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Life Lately

Happy September!  Here is a little bit of what we've been doing....

 Blessed by #BlessedisShe

I went to a "Blessed Brunch" recently in Saint Paul.  The brunch was hosted by the Minnesota writers of this website, Blessed Is She, which I stumbled upon earlier this year and I can't even recall why or how I found it!  Anyway, the event was lovely and refreshing and the warmest welcome.  The website presents the daily readings and a short devotional, among other things.  It has been a great way for me to quickly find the daily readings when I can't get my Bible in hand.  The food was delicious and it is so inspiring to meet women living out their faith in their daily lives with joy.  Blessed is She is worth a look if you haven't checked it out already!

Homeownership Fun

Not a day goes by that I don't think "I love our house!"  Phew!  No buyer's remorse here - although the dishwasher isn't working so well and the washing machine conked out on us.  And there is way too much brown in this house - I'm looking forward to freshening up the place and making it as bright as possible!  

Baby on the Move

We have a "sunken" living room that I call the playroom.  It was functioning as a natural playpen for baby J, but he has recently figured out how to climb right up that one stair.  He is starting to push up on to his hands and feet, and will occasionally regular-crawl.  And he loves to pull up to standing too.  Yikes!

What's new with you?