Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fort Matanzas National Monument

When we were down in Florida, we took the little boys on an adventure to Fort Matanzas.  A boat ride, a fort to climb all over and a shoreline to explore -- they were in heaven!  [And, they might have even learned a little something!]

This place is GREAT, especially for small kids.  My mom said she brought us here several times when we were little.  It's FREE!  So our crew of little dudes were pumped to ride the boat over and back and explore the fort.  We couldn't get enough tickets for us all to go, so I stayed at the Visitor Center with baby J, D and my brother in law.

The short nature trail/board walk is the perfect length for little legs and our little Idahoan was fascinated by all of the lizards.  If you are in the St. Augustine area and need a break from the beach or the crowds downtown, go here for a morning outing.  It's not far but it is the perfect amount of adventure and history.