Friday, March 15, 2013

Half Marathon Training!

I decided to train for the Coeur d'Alene Half Marathon this year by joining the training group at our local Fleet Feet shop.  So far, it's turning out to be a great training program with a lot of great people.  Here's a brief recap of my workouts so far:

Week 1:
Monday 4 miles on the indoor track, Intro to Tempo Runs; Pilates, Intro to Hills and a Saturday 6 Miler.  These were great intro workouts and not too stressful.  The tempo workout included just 6 minute O/B runs with a nice long break in between, and the hill workout was kind of short, so it wasn't too hard.  The 6 miler was nice and easy and I was glad to see that I could cover 6 without walking, considering I hadn't run more than 4 in who knows how long.

Week 2:
I missed both of the group workouts during the week - whoops!  Didn't even get my own workouts in on those days so I was worried that the Sat. 6 would feel too tough since I only ran 4 miles again on Monday and went to Pilates on Wednesday.  It didn't, and we ran it almost 2 minutes faster than last weekend, so I was starting to feel like my general fitness was picking up.

Stay tuned for Week 3!

Habemus Papam!

Wednesday was such an exciting day!

I was not feeling well that morning, but sometime after 11 am, I heard my cell phone buzz with a new text message - the Pope Alarm!  What a great idea that website was - it let me know that the white smoke had appeared and we'd be meeting our new Pope soon.

So I rigged up our computers for the live feed from and M and I had a great time watching the festivities and listening to Pope Francis.  While we were waiting for him to come out, I said to M, "we're going to meet the new Papa" and then, (several minutes later) when he did come out, M leaned forward toward the screen and said "Papa!"  How cute is that?!

I am so excited to learn more about this man of great faith.  I was not a Catholic when Pope John Paul II was Pope so I was not paying much attention at that time, but I always felt a special fondness for Pope Benedict XVI because I had the chance to meet him during a unique college trip to Rome.  I look forward to learning more about Pope Francis and will continue to pray for him, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, our Church and for all Christians during this exciting Year of Faith.  May God Bless Pope Francis!