Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick Takes: Welcome to August!

After an easy stroller run, this big boy took me for a walk in the woods.  He loves looking for big sticks, pine cones, rocks and mud puddles.  

No shade for my tempo run this week!  After my warm up, I did 4 sets of 5:00 "comfortable hard" with a 2:00 recovery jog (which became a recovery walk for the last two sets).  I was hot, hot, hot by the end, but glad that I finished all of the hard parts completely.

Hot summer days call for some splash pad time!
--- 4 ---
Minnesota's saddest moose.  I found this poor guy in my backpack this week.  I'd forgotten that we bought him in the MSP airport on our trip home from the lake.  M had pulled off his ear before he made it all the way home.

I pulled M in the bike trailer to our library - a 13 mile bike ride round trip.  Next time I am using my tri bike.  We got to stop and cool off in the lake on our ride back home.

I finished reading 1-2-3 Magic this week.  Lots of great tips in there, I'm sure I'll come back to it over the years.  Next up: The Assassins by Joyce Carol Oates.  I randomly grabbed it in the library this week because I feel like I need a break from non-fiction.  Have you read any of her works?  This will be my first.

--- 7 ---
M and I have been enjoying some extra reading time in the morning after breakfast.  We are working our way through "The Big Picture Bible."  I love that he loves reading, and I am always wanting to buy more books for him!
Have a great weekend!

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