Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Weekend

Hi Friends!

How was your weekend?  Ours was really nice.  We had all *intentions* to go camping again.  Friday evening rolled around, and since we still hadn't packed, we just couldn't get it all together and out the door.

It turned into a lazy weekend instead - and sometimes you just need those too!  We definitely did!

I got a 6 mile run in early in the morning.  My training plan for Sandpoint's Scenic Half Marathon has had me running increasingly longer long runs each weekend.  But this weekend the schedule instructed me to dial it back distance wise and try to run at "race pace."

I used the Mcmillan calculator to try to estimate mile "race pace" for a 1:57 - 1:58 half marathon.  In 2013 and 2011, I ran 1:58 in two different half marathons (in 2011, the Shamrock in Virginia Beach, and in 2013, the CDA Half Marathon).  Ten years ago, I ran 1:54 in a half marathon in Florida, so that is technically my PR, but since I really didn't run consistently between 2007 and 2011, I count the 1:58 races as my "modern PR."  Of course, I'd love to get back down to that 1:54!

My course for my 6 miles this weekend was downhill for the first 3 miles, and then uphill for the last 3.  I was right on pace for the first 2 miles, then I had to take a quick pit stop.  I lost some momentum doing this, and then I definitely slowed down even more on the way back (uphill).  Oh well!  I am overall pleased with the workout, and looking forward to trying it again after a few more long runs and tempo workouts (during the week) to work on speed.

Mile Splits:
2: 8:50
5: 10:00
6: 9:31

In other news, we cooked Pioneer Woman's "Eggs-in-a-Hole" which were delicious, did some painting at Art on the Green, and enjoyed some beach time.

My little Picasso.  That is, until he turned to me and said "I paint on you now."  Um, no thank you, dear.
We also had our second ever "family movie night" to watch the second half of "Cars."  Our truck-obsessed toddler was, literally, on the edge of his seat.  It was adorable!  And the movie is pretty cute too.

How was your weekend?  Are there any good movies out now?  Do I sound like I live under a rock?

I hope you have a fantastic week!

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