Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I'm still not sure if this is an Idaho thing or not, but we went tromping around in the woods recently to pick huckleberries!  This was a first huckleberry adventure for our family!
He had the time of his life, eating more berries than he picked!
 Huckleberries are little blue/purple/red berries that grow in the wild - similar to blueberries to me, more so in appearance than in taste.  We have some friends who love to go pick them, and we understand people can be very secretive about where a "good spot" to find them is, so we accompanied them on a journey to a "new to all of us" spot.

We think we found the spot, after driving 6 miles up a bumpy fire road.  M had enough of the bumps and was ready to get out of the car!

We picked some berries, but not much.  According to our more experienced friends, this spot wasn't all that great.  But it had amazing views!
Huckleberry Pancakes

The next day, we made huckleberry pancakes with huckleberry sauce.  Yum!

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