Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend Roundup and a Happy Mother's Day!

Happy (rainy) Monday!

How was your weekend?  Mine was a lot of fun:

Friday we met some friends at the great park downtown.  It has lots of stuff for the kiddos, even little ones like my guy.  Although he is content to just play in the mulch if I would let him! =)  We had a fun picnic with our friends and the weather was gorgeous, so it was another great day to be outside.  Then we ran home to meet my other friend so that we could watch her two kids while she took the third for a well baby visit.  These kiddos are great, and they always have funny things to say.  For example, one of them picked up the remote for our stereo and said "why do you have a remote if you don't have a TV?"  (We don't.)  I explained that it was for the radio but that must have been too confusing because she asked me again two more times about the remote.  Later she told me (while we were playing nursery rhyme pretend) that I was going to be "the old woman who lives in the old shoe."  HA!  She's keeping me humble.

For dinner we rode our bikes down to Bardenay.  M rode in his bike trailer, which is the greatest invention ever.  We are going to get a ton of use out of it this summer and Bardenay is a fun place to kick off the weekend with some apps and drinks.

Saturday morning I ran 8 miles with my Fleet Feet group.  I was pleased because I ran at a roughly 9:30 pace the whole time, without water or gel.  I usually take a gel if I'm running more than an hour, but I didn't have any this time, and I still felt pretty good.  One last long run before the Half Marathon!  I'm really hoping to run under two hours, and my PR is 1:58 so I would love to beat that.  I have (mostly) stuck with the program, but I haven't run longer than 10 miles in this training cycle, so that may do me in.  In any case, I feel blessed that I get to run where there are views like this:
We went to Mass on Saturday night because D had made reservations for a Mother's Day Brunch for us at Beverly's at the CDA Resort on Sunday morning.  BRUNCH WAS AMAZING!!!  I have never in my life seen a brunch like this.  Even better, we had a gift card from D's work to pay for it! =)  The brunch had everything: all of your usual breakfast stuff, plus oysters, sushi, 3 roast turkeys, steak, made to order crepes, macaroons, chocolate-covered strawberries, you name it.  They were also making small tapas-style plates of shrimp, scallops and steak.  Everything was wonderful, I ate too much and yet I was disappointed that I was too full to eat any more.  =)
My "Mimosa Flight"

First Round at the Buffet - I was giddy!

My Sweet One!

Scallops, heavenly!
We always remember and honor M's bio mom on Mother's Day because she is the one who really made this day possible for me.  She is incredible and we will always be so proud of her and grateful for the impact that she's had on our lives.
Enjoying some of my huckleberry crepe.

By this point he had had enough of the pics and just wanted to get home for a nap, poor little guy!

It was a wonderful, low-key weekend and we were grateful to get to spend it together.  How was your weekend?

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