Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring: Northwest Style

I love Spring but Spring in the Northwest is bizarre!  Last week temps were in the 70s, this week it will snow one minute and be clear the next.  We've even had a thunderstorm - I know this isn't anything new for East Coasters but this was the first thunderstorm I've experienced here since moving in 2011.

Last night was another perfect example of crazy Spring weather:  I joined my Fleet Feet running group for an easy 4 miles on the Flaming Turd Trail.  (Not the formal name of course, but the most accurate!)  My running buddy Andrea and I were moving along, chatting as we usually do on easy days and halfway through the run it began to "graupel."  This is like Dippin' Dots falling from the sky, minus the strangely addictive deliciousness of the ice cream of the future and simply leaving you soaked.  I didn't have my phone on me, so no pic, but we were drenched from running in it for only 5 minutes.  During my 4 years in the Northeast, I don't think we ever had this kind of snow (snow pellets, to be more accurate?), and wouldn't you know, less than 5 minutes later, the sun was back out!

Today, on the other hand, it was a 54 degree bluebird day, and Michael and I got in an easy 3 miles in the sunshine:
Tall trees on our running/bike path.

I'm excited because I'm getting a little bit faster pushing the stroller while running.  Notice that I did not say that I'm getting better coordinated!  =)  My husband always wants to barf every time I am driving the car and he is riding, so I am quite proud that my son has not once barfed in the stroller due to my crazy steering while running.  LOL!

Enjoying a little walk with Dad after dinner - we usually run during the morning.

All this awesome time outside is making me look forward to summer hikes and bikes, camping and lake days.  We didn't go camping at all last summer (new baby in the house!) so we have got to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings this time around and get OUT there!  I want to get some new hiking/beach sandals and I'm considering both Chacos and the Keen Whisper sandals.  My friend loves her Chacos but I might want a little more toe protection.  We've also got trips to FL and MN coming up this summer, and I want to be able to use the shoes both on the beach and on the MN lakeshore.  Do you love one or the other?  Let me know - I'd love to hear your feedback!

Looking forward to some great conversation with my mom's group tomorrow morning, it's always fun to see these great gals and eat some delicious breakfast!  Have a great Thursday, the weekend is almost here!


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