Monday, February 3, 2014

A Week at Big Sky in Pictures

Sunday: Sledding, toddler-skiing, snowball fights at the house

Monday: Skiing with my husband and brother.

Tuesday: Skiing with my sisters, and randomly running into our cousins on the mountain as they went whizzing by us!
My sister on the left and my cousin in the green jacket on the right!
Wednesday: Happy New Year!  Scary cliff-side skiing and our annual family talent show.

Thursday: Skiing and chairlift riding with my little nephews - what wonderful memories!

I must have yelled "SHOW ME PIZZA!!!" at him a million times as he went screaming down the slopes!
Friday: Craziness!!
My lift ticket fell off my jacket; once I got a new one, I nearly got blown off of the lift while trying to catch up to my sibs; then they closed the lift shortly after I got off due to the insanely gusty winds; then I panicked worrying about all of us getting back down to the base!  The winds were so bad that the snow pack was blown off almost down to the ice and dirt!  Thankfully we all made it back down and together safely, thank God!  First time skiing in gusty wind like that - don't think I'll do it again and I was very glad that my nephews did not try to ski with us that day!

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