Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Back to the Track

We have had super cold and snowy weather over the last two weeks - too cold and snowy for stroller runs and it is too dark to run outside in the snow before my husband leaves for work and after he comes home.

Luckily for me though, our gym has an awesome little track for running, so that's where I head to get it done.  I prefer the track over the treadmill, for some reason, I always feel overheated on the treadmill.  Also, there is always something to look at while I'm making my laps because the track is on the second floor and overlooks the rest of the gym area: people swimming in the competition pool, playing basketball on the gym side, the old folks walking their laps (yes, that is going to be me one day!), etc. 

It takes 11 laps to make a mile (the track is pretty small) so I am the crazy jogger trying to keep track of my laps as I go round and round.  The most I have done on the track is 4 miles, but it is a great way to mix up my running indoors!

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