Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday #3

This last week, I have been especially thankful for antibiotics!

Our sweet little guy came down with a high fever last week, and I took him straight to the pediatrician.

Diagnosis: ear infections.

My poor sweetie was so miserable and uncomfortable (temp of 104 -- yikes!), but once the antibiotics and Tylenol to reduce the fever kicked in, he was able to sleep better and has since fully recovered. Thank God!

We watched a lot of garbage truck videos on Youtube over the first few days of his bug.We also watched one of those "monster truck" videos too (he is REALLY into trucks) and I can't believe that people drive those things and survive. One video was enough for both M and for me!

Anywho - he is completely back to normal now, and we are so thankful for the kind and caring staff at our ped's office! What are you thankful for this Thursday?

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