Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Burley Doesn't Tip Over!

Burley is attached to Dan's hybrid and my hybrid is next to his - this is from a different trip without any falling! =) 
 I learned this lesson the hard way.....

Thursday for my cross-training I decided to try to ride my road bike while pulling M in our Burley bike trailer.  I really haven't been riding my road bike regularly, but I thought it would be easier/more comfortable to pull him with that rather than on my bulkier hybrid bike.

I headed off in a new direction thinking that it would be flatter than our usual route...boy was I wrong!  I hadn't gotten too far down the path before I encountered an unexpected steep incline, ran out of gas while attempting to climb it, and then I couldn't unclip from my pedals before I tipped over in slow motion --> CRASH!

M was fine, totally unfazed, merely looking at me like I was crazy and practically laughing like it was funny.  I wasn't hurt at all, just embarrassed at falling in such a spectacularly ridiculous fashion.  And I was relieved to find out that M's trailer doesn't tip over at all when I go flying!  It is a beast and I love it.

Of course I changed directions, headed back in our usual route (which actually was flatter!) and we were able to stop to play at the park in the middle of our bike ride.  M had a meltdown on the way back home (he didn't want to leave the park) so I got to tow a screaming 1 year old the whole way home.  We were quite a pair, and I know we gave a good laugh to a couple of old folks getting their morning walk on.

Hope you are having a great weekend, and getting a smile at our silly antics in north Idaho!

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