Monday, June 17, 2013

On Father's Day and Every Day, We are Thankful for This Guy

D is such a wonderful blessing to me and M.  He spent most of his Father's Day working, but we were able to enjoy a nice evening walk together and time sitting outside enjoying the sunset and some adult beverages.  He is a great dad and he works super hard to provide for us.  He is my best friend and M is so fortunate to have such a good role model in his Daddy!

For Father's Day, he got a new coffee mug, a new beach chair and cheese-steaks for dinner.  I was thrilled to find the coffee mug because it was exactly like one that he misplaced about a month ago.  He really liked that other one (it never leaked!), so I was super excited to give him this replacement!  And he got a new beach chair because the fabric had completely fallen off of his old one, after about 6 years of faithful service on Chick's Beach in Virginia Beach and down at CDA Lake here.  The new beach chair has a cupholder too, so that's a bonus!  =)

Happy Father's Day, D!  You are our hero and we love you!

We love him for many reasons, here are a few:

He is always working hard for us so that we can do fun things, like our 2011 trip to Hawaii where he presented at an aerospace conference and I drank lava flows by the pool.

He is the BEST Uncle, adored by all of his nephews (and his new niece!).  Here he is giving our little nephew E a bath.

Here he is at his favorite place in the whole world, Lake Blanche with our nephew A.

He is a man of many talents!  He would not want me to list them all, so I won't, but he never ceases to amaze me.

He is a wonderful provider and role model for our son, shown here the day after he was born.

He is always up for a little Friday night relaxation, like a bike ride downtown for some apps and drinks!

Happy Father's Day to my D and all of the other wonderful fathers out there!  It is not an easy job and we are thankful to God for all that you do!

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