Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finding Our New Normal

Wow!  We made it through our first week as a solo family of four!

Last week was our first week back to our new normal life since bringing baby J home.  Whew!  D's parents were here helping us for three weeks, and then we went to Big Sky to visit my family, so we have been surrounded by many wonderful helping hands!  And I am so grateful for all of the help!

D returned to work on Monday, and naturally, M woke up (earlier than usual) with a fever.  I think he just has a yucky cold, and he responds well to Motrin, but it has meant we've been stuck at home for the most part.  We had one fun adventure out of the house to the assessor's office where I pushed M in the stroller with one hand (and nearly ran into every wall corner!) and tried to hold baby J steady in the Moby wrap (couldn't seem to get it comfortable for both of us).  We're a work in progress!  

I am bouncing back and forth between responding to each of the boys' needs. And then all of a sudden it is 5:00 pm and I'm supposed to be making dinner, whoops! And I have gained a new respect for all you moms out there who handle all of the night feedings and then still get up and go with busy toddlers or other children!  Wow!  

When we all sit down to dinner together though, I look at these two amazing little boys and want to pinch myself.  I'm so grateful for the chance to raise, care and love them.  So very, very grateful.  It is the greatest privilege of my life.

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