Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Adoption Update: Our New Baby J at 1 Month

Hello Friends!

Here is a little update on our adoption of baby J.
We were blessed to be at the hospital for his birthday, and we got to bring him home with us the very next day.  He is such a sweet, snugly little guy with lots of dark hair!  He loves to be held, and he has consistently been a good eater, now taking 3-4 ounce bottles regularly.  We have about 3 nighttime feedings on average, so over the next month I'm going to see if we can stretch these out any further.  It seems like with M we still had 2 night feedings at 6 weeks of age, and I distinctly recall that he first slept through the night right after he was 2 months old.  So you know I'll be watching for this!
The first couple of weeks he didn't seem to like sleeping flat in his bassinet, so we used the rock n play more.  He is doing better in the bassinet now, but isn't yet taking naps there regularly.  He is having more alert time and tummy time, and he first rolled from front to back when he was 6 days old.  But I think that big heavy head of his really helped with that!  He is cooing a little bit, and the doctor has twice remarked that he "likes the sound of his own voice."  I think that might be a little bit of quackery, but whatever. ;).   He loves to watch his big brother and his big brother sure likes to give him kisses and tickle his toes.  He is our sweetheart and we love him to pieces!

He really is a snuggle bug and sleeps best when he is being held.  He seems to like a little one ounce bottle and a rock right before going down for the evening.  I call it his "nightcap."  

We found out that his birth mom had chosen us about two months before he was born, via our agency Idaho Youth Ranch.  If you have any questions about the specifics of how we connected with his Bio mom or how our open adoptions work, please feel free to contact me directly!  I'm still deciding what to share publicly, so please let me know if you have specific questions.

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