Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Letter to My Big Boy

A little love letter to M from me, written shortly before we brought baby J home.

My sweet big boy, you are about to become a big brother!

And what a wonderful big brother you will be.  You are truly a special, amazing miracle.  For as long as I live, I will never forget the moment I met you.  You had a sweet little hat on, and you looked at me and the world with your big blue eyes and your long, slender neck.  You were so alert, and you have been ever since - you don't miss a thing!
First bottle
I love to watch you drive your trucks and read to yourself.  I am amazed every time you pick out (correctly!) the instruments when we are listening to "Peter and the Wolf."  No one can play air guitar like you and no one can sing "Danny Boy" like you.  You have a zest for life that warms my heart.  You are truly a gift from God. 

It is the greatest joy of my life to be your mom.  It is an honor and privilege to care for you.  I am amazed as I watch you learn and grow - you get smarter every day, you remember things all of the time that I have forgotten and you are so pleasant with your good manners and cheerful smile!
Waiting for the Sing-A-Long with Mudgy the Moose, Millie the Mouse & Santa - 2014

Every day with you is a gift.  I am so grateful to your biological mother that she has allowed Daddy and me to care for you and love you with our whole hearts.  We love you so much and are so thankful for you.  You are amazing.

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