Sunday, June 29, 2014

Work It Out

Since I'm going to do the Scenic Half Marathon in September, I thought I'd start sharing my workouts for the past week.  Hopefully this will help me to stick to the training plan!

Here's what went down last week:

M) 20 min stroller run + 15 min walk.  I was feeling exhausted, so this run turned into a walk!
T) 1 hour strength class
W) 25 min easy run + 25 min walking.  Exhausted again, that strength class really took it out of me, plus we were all sleeping poorly.
Th) 45 min bike ride with the trailer
F) Rest day!
Sat) 10 mile family bike ride
Sun) 6 mile run (Training plan called for 8, but I ran out of time.)  Followed up with a 2 mile hike later in the morning.

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