Monday, June 30, 2014

Memorable Moments

The other night, as I was helping M put his pajamas on, he reached down to pull up the zipper, pushed my hand away, and said "I do it by myself!"
All I could think was, it is starting already??!!

He recites our blessing that we say before meals and sings The Lord's Prayer at bedtime.  It is adorable!

As we were rocking and saying prayers before bedtime, I asked him who we were going to pray for that night, and he said "Grammie D" (twice) "Granddad" and his cousins.  =)  So Grammie D, you can rest easy because you have double prayers headed your way!

Lest you think it is all cuteness and smooth sailing 24/7/365, know that we seem to have reverted, sleeping wise - at naptime he is crying and asking for everything (another book, water, apple juice, chocolate milk, basically going through the whole roster of things) until I give in and come back in and rock him more.  I try to be tough but he can really turn on the tears, and D and I just say "oh he won't be little forever," and totally cave.  So today, he is napping in my bed.  Any tips for getting back through this again?

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