Friday, June 27, 2014

Quick Takes: Scenes from Our Week

 About as close as he wanted to get to the moose and "biiiiig beah!!!" (as he called it).

My friend loaned me this.  With more travels coming up, we won't be starting this too soon, but I thought it better to be prepared!

My aunt brought this to the beach house, and I was thrilled to find it at Target!  Yum!
Ironman is this weekend!  I am so impressed by all of the athletes.  We checked out the village on Thursday and played at City Park.  Good luck to all of the competitors!

USA v. Germany was on the big screen at the Ironman Village!

M looks a little dazed and confused after our 45 minute bike ride (cross training!).  This is what happens when he refuses to nap in his bed - he passed out in the bike trailer!
We had an epic spill of olive oil in our pantry (M likes to hide in there now?!) so I cleaned and 'reorganized' it.  Really, I just moved most of the stuff higher, which I guess I will keep doing as he keeps getting taller!

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