Monday, March 24, 2014


Our little guy is TWO!!

M, Here's a little recap of the second year of your sweet little life:

Spring:  We celebrated your first birthday with Grammie D, Granddad, Aunt J & cousin E, special friends and your birthmom.  You were amazed when the waitresses sang "Happy Birthday" to you at Red Robin, and loved your balloons best of all.  In April you took your first trip to Wisconsin and loved playing with all of cousin Andrew's toys!  You loved being outside and playing at the park!  You started to walk in May, chasing Dad around the house with your arms out, "zombie-style."
Enjoying one of many mornings at the park.

Summer:  You spent the summer as a traveling pro: New Jersey, Florida, Montana and Minnesota.  You only really got upset when the hipster flying next to us pulled out her full-sized, fresh from the garden (dirt and all) carrot and munched on it without offering you a bite.  How dare she! =)  You loved swimming in Granny's pool, playing with your cousins and swimming at the beach and the lake.  You are an outdoors-boy for sure, and would rather be playing in the sand or pushing trucks than doing anything else.

Exhausted at the Princeton P-Rade

Fall: Grammie D came to visit us and you took her for a walk in the woods.  You were a little snow leopard for Halloween, and loved greeting our trick-or-treaters!  We keep taking our walks, even as the weather gets colder and make more trips to the Kroc Center to play in the indoor pool.  You love watching the garbage truck, and lucky for us, he makes two trips up and down our street!

Photo by our talented friend, Kimberly
 Winter:  The snow just adds to your outdoor fun.  You love to help Daddy shovel and call the snow "no".  We spent the coldest days playing in your tent in the living room and reading lots of stories.  Gaga and Papa came for Christmas, and then we spent New Year's with Grammie D, Granddad and all your aunts, uncles and cousins on my side of the family.  Unsurprisingly, your trucks and truck books were your favorite gifts, but you also love your cat piano!  You loved watching your big cousins roughhouse!  When we went to Florida, you wanted to have a slumber party in the hotel room and you loved throwing shells in Aunt C's pond.  We warmed up in San Diego and played in the sun, and you loved playing with cousin E's guitar.

Mouth agape, in awe of the capabilities of this little truck!

 Now Spring is here again and your Birthday makes March the most wonderful month of all.  The ladies at the Kroc made you a birthday crown and we took a special trip around the Winco parking lot just so you could have a closer look at the bulldozers. =)

Every day you wake up with a smile on your face and yelling a cheerful, "hi, Mommy, hi Daddy!" from your room.  Daddy and I race to greet you because you make every day a joyful one.  You are still a great sleeper (thank you, Lord!) and so far, you've only tried to climb out of the p&p once.  You give the best hugs and kisses!  We are so proud of your sweet "peese," (please) and "wank wu" (thank you).  We love you so much M and are so glad to see you enjoying your life.  Happy Birthday, sweet boy!
Point Loma

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