Wednesday, March 26, 2014

San Diego: Seven Days in the Sun

M and I went to sunny San Diego for a week to visit my sister and her family.  My parents flew out from Florida, so we got to see them too!

First stop: In n Out Burger.  M loved it and ate all his food, which rarely happens!  

On our first full day, we took the kids to this great kids place called Kid Venture.
A view of one of the play areas in Kid Venture.
  It is a big open place with lots of different play houses, including this giant fire truck with a ball pit inside and a slide.

Of course, my guy loved pushing the trucks around the best.

After picking my parents up from the airport, we walked around Seaport Village in downtown SD, rode the carousel and ate dinner overlooking the gorgeous bay.  It was a beautiful afternoon!

Walking Seaport Village - that is the Coronado Bridge in the background

Then, the stomach bug hit.  Ugh, I got it first, then my nephew, and then my mom.  That really slowed us down, but thankfully everyone was healthy by the time we had to fly home.

We did make it to the San Diego Zoo, Coronado and took a tour of my brother in law's ship, amidst all of our sickness.  Remember Andy Baldwin, from the Bachelor, "an officer, and a gentleman?"  Well, he is the doc on my BIL's ship.  So I am only two degrees of separation from the Bachelor!  (Which I loved to watch in college!)
Toddlers on a ship = disaster waiting to happen.  I was constantly saying "No Touch ANYTHING!"

My parents left on Monday, but M and I got to stay until Wednesday.  So my sister and I took the boys up to Point Loma, which was beautiful, but all the toddlers wanted to do was throw rocks and try to jump off of the cliffs (yikes!).  
Taking in the view from Point Loma

It was a great week despite the bug.  We got to enjoy some warm sunshine and M got lots of good playtime with his cousin.  He pitched a total fit on our last (two hour, completely full) flight home to Spokane.  Thank goodness it was his very last flight as a "lap child."  The Southwest attendants were so kind and so were the people sitting around us.  Naturally, he fell asleep in my arms on the descent and didn't wake up until we loaded him into D's truck.  Imagine his shock, surprise and happiness to see his Daddy staring at him!  Haha - best friends reunited! 

Thanks to my sister and her family for hosting us for the week, we love you guys!

Closing with a few more pics:
Gorgeous Bird of Paradise in my sister's backyard

Giraffes at the San Diego Zoo
Loving Silver Strand Beach - not too far from where D put in hours and hours of hard work!

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