Saturday, October 5, 2013

18 Months

Our little guy is one and a half!
You talking to me?
 I would say "our little baby" but even I can't ignore that he is full-on toddler now and not my little baby anymore.
Northwest Toddler Fashion, puffy vest style

He is a busy little boy - he loves to push his Batman car and play with his Legos.  He loves to dance and even will sing "da-da-da, da-da-da" if I ask him to sing!  He is used to having my full attention and might be known to get a little upset if he has to share time with someone else! =)  He will tell himself "NO" if he is about to do something that he knows he is not supposed to do (and then do it anyway!).
Supporting all of Dad's teams at once: Princeton +UF
He has lots of words now; I love it when he runs over, grabs my leg and says "up!" requesting to be picked up.  When I go in to get him first thing in the morning, he shouts "BOO!"  every time.  He is an amazing sweetheart and the love of our lives.

Relaxing in the backyard just like (lazy) Mom!
We are so thankful for him, and so thankful for his birth mom.  She is, and always will be our hero!

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