Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Adventures - a belated recap

We had a busy, wonderful weekend!

D was elk hunting.  He got skunked (didn't get one) but saw several moose.  He had a blast and got his fill of fresh mountain air before heading back to his office dungeon on Monday.

M and I stayed busy while he was gone, spending money and eating fast food.  =)  We went swimming on Friday.  He has no fear at the pool and walked in up to his neck, splashing around!  Can't wait to start up our swimming lessons again in a couple of weeks, he just loves the water.  Some girlfriends came over for movie night and we had so much fun catching up we didn't even watch a movie.

On Saturday we played and then did the Trail of Terror 5k in the afternoon.  M was in costume and it was our first stroller race!  We didn't crash into anyone with the stroller so I think it was a success.  It was a fun race atmosphere and M really got a kick out of being a part of the festivities.

Post-race pizza party with my little snow leopard

Sunday was filled with church, a birthday party and then the Global Run for Water 5k (a virtual race) for me.  D had come home in the afternoon, so I ran without the stroller around the neighborhood.  I signed up for this on a whim after reading Kristen Armstrong's blog on Runnersworld.com.  It is a benefit race for people in Burundi and the $25 entry fee for each participant provides access to clean water for a Burundian FOR LIFE.  $25 so that someone has access to clean water for life?  You can't beat that - so of course I signed up!  It was such a beautiful, windy fall afternoon to run and I'm glad that we could contribute to a good cause.

How was your weekend?  What are you up to this weekend?

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