Monday, September 30, 2013

September in Photos

I have to look back at my photos to figure out where this month went.  Where did it go?!

We moved a few miles down the road to a newer house.  Hopefully the windows won't leak here and M's room won't be freezing!

I had a bunch of these linen napkins that were my Grandmother's.  They were stained and yellowed, but I did an Oxi-Clean test and they didn't fall apart in the soak, so now we are actually using linen cloth napkins.  Yes, we are crazy, and yes we also eat on our wedding china every day.

I took this picture to send to my Mom and show her that the stains came out.

We spent the last few warm days over on Hayden Lake while all the poor big kids were stuck in school.  This beach is heavenly when it isn't crowded!

It's not Florida sand, but it will do!

Daddy is Britney Spears.
This was funny at the time, but now he only wants to sit up front when we get in the car...

For college football season, we root for the Gators, even though we don't actually watch the games.  My brother and SIL are die hard Gator fans even though neither of them went to school there.  My Mom and all her siblings went there so we grew up going to Gator games every year.  I have great memories of walking into the stadium and sweating it out with the rest of Gator nation during the hot Florida fall.  Dan is actually in UF's MBA program, so that keeps him in good graces with the rest of the family. =)
We are already getting a lot of use out of our jackets!
My wonderful Mom came to visit M and me for a few days while D took a trip to India.  M loved playing "hide and seek" in the woods with her!  D had to travel 36 hours just to get to India, and even more on the way back.  He did not find his inner guru, but we are so glad to have him home!
Playing hide and seek with Grammie D
What I'm looking forward to in October:

The possibility of a Catholic Mom Group starting up in our area!

Hopefully running a 10k and/or 5k, it looks like there are a few in the next couple of weeks in our area!

Finishing our paperwork to begin working with a new adoption agency!  We are still working with our private attorney, but are trying to spread the word that we are called to adopt again.

What are you looking forward to next month?

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