Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's In My Diaper Bag

I love my Vera Bradley diaper bag.  It is a little touch of Southern out here in the Pacific Northwest, where the VB craze does not seem to have taken.  But lately I've been admiring these Lily Jade bags too, and they look like cute bags, not just cute diaper bags!

So here is a little sneak peek inside my diaper bag as an adoptive mom of a vivacious toddler and sweet infant.

For our big boy, I only carry all the necessities for an "accident" - which hasn't happened yet, thankfully!  I usually also have a truck and some fruit snacks to go along with his awesome, leak proof water bottle, although we're trying to cut back on the snacking/grazing!  On Sundays, you might also find our Mass books in my bag too.

For our new little one: everything needed for diapering and feeding, although all the bottles/formula stuff isn't pictured here since I didn't dare leave the house today!  That can add up to a lot of extra stuff and space, particularly when we fly since I never know if we're going to be delayed.  You certainly don't want to run out of formula when you are stuck on the tarmac!  We've had lots of luck with Avent bottles and Enfamil Newborn formula.  Basically, that is what a close friend recommended we use before M was born, and since we had less than three weeks to prepare for his arrival, we just went with it and it has worked well for both boys.

Then I also carry my essentials: wallet, phone, hair bands, gum, tissues.  And apparently a Coffeemate coupon too.  Pretty boring.  Lots of hand sanitizer and disposal changing pads.  Word to the wise:  the Starbucks in Missoula, Montana does not have a changing table.  #yuck. 

The only downside about my Vera bag is that the shoulder straps don't fit over stroller handle bars, so you always have to stuff it underneath the stroller or carry it on your shoulder.  I like that you can wear the Lily Jade bags on your back too - that sounds very handy for boarding flights when I am usually hauling a car seat and shepherding a toddler to our seats. 

What am I missing?  What's in your diaper bag?

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