Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fitness & Newborn Adoption

I made it back to our gym a couple of weeks ago for my first return to "exercise"!  Before we brought J home, I thought I might be able to just bring J to the gym and park him next to my treadmill while I ran, as soon as we got home.  Without missing a beat!  It's not like I needed any physical recovery time like a biological mom!  But haha -- we were pretty exhausted that first week from no sleep the night before we met him, no sleep in the hospital and still trying to figure out our new schedule.  Add to that M's recent fever/cold bug, followed up by (successful!) potty training, and we've been stuck at home and inside longer than I thought.

In any case, all I did my first time back at the gym was walk a mile on the track while wearing baby J in my wrap, but I figured that was a start and better than nothing.

When D's parents were here, I went out for a few very short stroller runs with M to get him outside for a bit in the fresh (cold) air while they watched baby J.  I'm thinking that for the next month, I'll try to get to our gym 2-3 days/week and either walk on the track or try out the variety of machines there.

Big Brother pushing Little Brother out of the gym!
As I was walking today, I noticed all of the different machines that I never use - the rowing machine, cycling, stair climber, etc.  I think this season of life will be a good chance for me to try out a variety of machines and maybe also do some more lifting too?

I also signed up to participate in Laura's "5 by the 5th" virtual challenge.  I'm planning to do 5Ks, and hopefully work on developing a faster pace.  I'll probably be doing these runs as a mix of treadmill runs and outdoor runs if I can get them in on the weekends while baby is napping and my husband is playing with M.  Or I'll just bring him with me in the stroller!  I also have a barre DVD that I have yet to try, so one of these days I will choose to do that rather than nap while the boys are napping, haha!  So hopefully this season of fitness will be one of enjoying my precious boys and mixing up my fitness.

Are you trying anything new, fitness-wise, this year?

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