Monday, November 10, 2014

What are We in Love With?

Awhile back, I stumbled across Craig Zimmer's encouragement to take a deep look at how we really spend our time.  He says:

Rather than first asking ourselves whether or not our treasure is in God, maybe we should first look at what we do with our evenings, how we spend our weekends, etc.  Yes, falling in love with God will affect everything, but how we spend our time on a daily basis also reveals what we are in love with and where our treasure is.  One of the great gifts of Ignatian Spirituality is its invitation and challenge to us to examine our day in order to seek God and to ask ourselves whether or not we are recognizing and responding to the work of the Holy Spirit in the lived experience of our daily lives.

source. (emphasis mine)

I know nothing about "Ignatian spirituality" but I felt challenged by this reflection.  I suspect that I am spending too much time on things that add or have little to no inherent value, and not enough on things that encourage or promote healthy living and values.  But what, and how much?  I'd like to see the specifics from my own empirical evidence. 

What are you in love with?  Where is your treasure?

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