Monday, May 19, 2014

Only in Idaho - Part 2!

Last Friday morning we had to stop by and visit D at work.  His office is between an airport and a shooting range, which is kind of unusual in itself, right?  As we drove by the range, I noticed there was some kind of event about to happen, because there were more people than usual there, several RVs parked in the lot and a couple of buses, with some school-aged kids milling around.

The best part was the sign on one of the buses: "Straight As and Shootin' Clays." 

When I was in high school, they took us to Golden Corral for making straight As (maybe that has something to do with the current obesity epidemic??). 

But I think going to the shooting range to shoot clays as a reward for good grades would have been a lot more exciting!


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