Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap!

Happy First Week of Advent, y'all!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving, although I missed my family terribly!  I have such good memories of spending all Thanksgiving day cooking and prepping with my mom, sisters and grandmother.  It is just not the same when you are doing the cooking yourself.  Next year, we'll have to convince everyone to travel to us!

We hosted two other families, ending up with 7 adults and 7 kids ages 6 and under!  It was a crazy, fun chaos.  Little M was so excited when the doorbell rang, but then he quickly became overwhelmed by all of the bigger kids playing with his toys.  He eventually settled down and got right into the mix.

I made the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, company corn, mac & cheese and an apple pie.  First time making my gravy and apple pie crust from scratch and both turned out well so I was very pleased.  We also had stuffing, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs, homemade rolls, pecan pie and Mississippi mud cake.  My mom friends are also from the South, so we had a little bit of a Southern theme going on! =)

Oh, I shouldn't forget to mention that M & I did a 5k Turkey Trot that was an utter disaster.  Poor M was yelling and crying just about the whole way.  He did fine for the first mile, but then just got more and more upset.  Of course when he really started falling apart, I was thinking that we were closer to the turn around point than the finish line.  So, I thought it made more sense to keep going until the turn-around rather than just turn around earlier.  It was cold out (28 degrees), but I don't think he was crying because of the cold because I reached into the stroller and was holding his hand to help calm him down and it felt warm.  In fact, the hand holding was the only thing that really calmed him down but it made for some awkward jogging/stroller pushing!

Nevertheless we finished the entire race and I let him out of the stroller as soon as we stepped off of the trail.  He made a beeline for some dump trucks parked at a nearby construction site.  I think he really was hollering because I didn't let him out earlier to go look at those.  We were certainly a sight, and so I was too embarrassed to ask anyone to take a picture of us, haha!

Tonight we lit our first Advent candle at home and sang an off-key verse of O Come, O Come Emmanuel.  M loved it and was totally fascinated by the candle lighting, so that made it a lot of fun.  I am looking forward to building our family Advent traditions, and would love to hear any suggestions for celebrating this special season!

Do you have any Advent traditions?  Please share!  Have a great week!
Just about the only pic we have from Thanksgiving - making apple pie for my beloved!

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