Monday, January 18, 2016

Rosemary Beach, FL

This place is amazing.  I grew up always going to the Atlantic coast, since it was only 30 minutes or so from our house.  I still love the Atlantic side of Florida, of course, but Rosemary Beach is gorgeous and completely different!

My cousin got married in November here, and it was a great excuse to explore Northwest Florida.  The beach sand was so soft and fine, and the seashells were much finer and seemed more delicate than what we'd see on our home beach!

Rosemary Beach is a planned community that feels like a European beach town.  It's only 30 minutes from the airport and we could connect through Atlanta for easy flights.  If they ever start having direct flights from MSP (hint, hint!), I know where I'll be spending my spring break now!  I'm guessing that most folks come from Birmingham/TN because the boutiques were selling sweatshirts that said "Home" with a picture of the state of Tennessee!

The wedding was on the beach and it was beautiful.  Thanks to my parents, we got to stay in a house with them and all my siblings and nephews so it really was great to all be together.  The only downside was that the AC broke in the house and the dishwasher leaked, but it was otherwise comfortable.  We could walk all around the town and to the beach very easily.

I got one run in down 30A early early pushing baby J in the single jogger because he didn't sleep very well on the trip.  30A has a nice wide bike path so it was easy to do a down/back run.  I'd love to go back here!

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