Sunday, October 26, 2014

Eats (& Exercise)

We love our bread machine!
 I stumbled across this blog recently and now it's one of my new favorites.  She just started a new link up for meal planning that I thought I'd try out.

I have been meal planning for several years.  I'm definitely not a foodie nor am I a fancy cook, but I enjoy having our meals (and just about everything else!) planned out for the week.  I almost never cook anything original but I do like to make notes in my cookbooks regarding how a recipe turned out.  I have a copy of my grandmother's Chinese cookbook, and I love reading her handwritten notes on some of the recipes.  It's really fun for me to see what she thought about different foods.

So, here is our meal plan for the week.  And just for fun, here is my exercise plan for the week, too!

Monday:  Italian sausage pasta bake + 4 stroller miles.

We have some leftover pasta sauce from the weekend that I need to use up.

Tuesday: Chicken soft tacos + short run + weights.

Wednesday: Leftover night + stroller sprints.
I always build a leftover night into our meal planning week!

Thursday: Grandma's Quiche from the Blanche Lake cookbook + rest day.
Haven't made this one yet!

Friday: Chicken & Dumplings Soup from The Crockpot Lady + short stroller run.
This will be our "Boo Soup" this year for Halloween.  We will probably take M to trick or treat just at our next door neighbor's house, and then come home and pass out candy to the big kids.  That's enough fun for us! 
One of my favorite, and most-used, cookbooks!
That's as far as I've gotten right now.  As for exercise, I'd like to get a long run in on Saturday, and maybe do some cross-training/weights on Sunday.  I usually plan out our meals from Wednesday to Wednesday, so that our weekends are covered and I can shop on Thursday.  I hate grocery shopping on the weekends.  It is definitely a luxury to have time to shop during the week!  I also need to grill up some chicken to toss in lunch salads for the week, yum!  There's no snow yet, so we are still grilling!

What are you planning for your week?  I hope you have a great week!


  1. Hi Annie! Thank you so much for linking up! I'm glad I get to discover your blog too, now! And how awesome is this exercise plan?

  2. Thanks, Nell! I'm hoping this will help me stick to my exercise plan, too! =) Have a great week!