Friday, October 17, 2014

#7QT: Our Ordinary Week

Bits and Pieces from Our Week:


Swim Class Selfie!

We started up swim lessons again this week!


Working on matching and fine motor skills on a rainy morning.


We tagged along on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with our older, homeschooling friends.  M enjoyed this trip a lot - he loved searching for his gourds and little pumpkins.  Now we have quite a collection!


I am slowly working my way through The Magic Years.  It is an older book; my aunt - a child psychologist - gave it to me and highly recommended it.  It takes me a while to get into it, but I do enjoy it.  More importantly, I am finding it relevant!  I'll post more of my thoughts on it when I finish it.


We have family coming to visit this weekend!  Cousins from Wisconsin will be rolling in, and we can't wait to show them around.  This will be their second visit to CdA.


We have had some fun stroller runs this week - including my new favorite "Stroller Sprint" workout.  My husband recommended this workout to start trying to increase my speed.  I do 8 reps of 30 secs of sprinting with a 1 minute recovery period.  I'm usually pooped by the 4th rep!  When I first started pushing M at a sprint, he said "Mommy, why so fast?"  Then, when we finished, I asked him if I was running fast, and he said no.  So, I guess it wasn't that impressive after all. ;)


We did an easy two miles around the neighborhood this morning.  First time it was cold enough for headgear for both of us.  Can you see all of the other random things that rode along in the stroller with us?

Have a great weekend!  For more Quick Takes, check out Jen at Conversion Diary here!

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