Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Work It Out #2

Last week's training for Sandpoint's Scenic Half Marathon:

Monday: Easy 4 mile stroller walk/jog - 5 min walk warmup, then ran around the neighborhood, then 3 min walk cooldown.  Followed up with some playground time for my stroller companion!
Stop the paparazzi!
Tuesday: 1 hour strength class.  I love this class!  It wears me out!

Wednesday: Easy 40 minute walk/jog in the late afternoon when D came home.  It was warm, and then a biker rode by me and said, "you think it's hot enough out?" which then made me panic that maybe I should have brought my phone, it was too hot to be running hard, I was going to bonk at the furthest point away from my house, etc.  So I just kept it at a slow, easy pace.  Isn't it crazy that I just let some little offhand comment affect my run like that?  In any case, this run went a lot better than last Wednesday's run.
One of our gorgeous running/biking paths!
Thursday: no time to workout - unplanned rest day

Friday: About 3 miles of hiking in the mountains

Saturday: 1.23 miles of hiking along Priest Lake

Sunday: Rest day

My training plan called for 9 miles on Saturday.  There was no way that I was going to run by myself up on that mountain, so I am not going to worry about missing that run! =)  It happens.  I'm planning to do it for my long run this weekend instead.  But I know that if I am going to PR in Sandpoint, I really need to pick up the pace on my weekday runs and make them more effective!

Happy running!

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