Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Quick Takes: Scenes from Our Week

  What have you been up to this week?  Here's a little bit of what we've been doing.

My running buddy, relaxing after our run by the lake. A gorgeous Idaho summer day -- breezy and in the 70s.

A bread machine failure, followed by a success.  The failure was whole wheat, the success was a more balanced mixture of whole wheat flour and bread flour, plus some other changes.

Wednesday workouts!  My friend and I are taking turns watching each other's kids while we run.  M loves playing with his 4 little friends, although my friend sent him home with an evil "rockin' Mickey" that is just a little bit too loud. =)  D quickly banished rockin' Mickey to the closet.

We had an epic thunderstorm the other afternoon, so of course we indulged in some extra snuggles after naptime!  M said "dunda is scawey" (thunder is scary).  Please excuse my crazy hair and workout clothes!

I finished reading "The Romanovs" another book by Robert K. Massie about the discovery of the bones of the last czar and his family, and the surrounding controversies.  It was, like all of his books, extremely well-written and informative.  Would love to hear any unique book recommendations you might have!

Last night we rode our bikes down to the Riverstone park area, where the CDA Summer Theatre was giving a free performance, singing Broadway and off-Broadway tunes.  There was a good crowd there, and it was a fun and beautiful evening.  M was rocking out with his air guitar and dance moves - his performance was also free, although if he keeps it up, D & I might start charging, because his moves are legendary! =)

Today is the Feast Day for St. James!  I didn't grow up celebrating any saint days, other than St. Lucia (I'm Swedish!), but I've always felt a special connection to St. James.  The church I grew up in was named St. James Methodist, and after college, I walked a portion of el Camino de Santiago in Spain, the ancient pilgrimage route to the shrine of St. James.  That experience deserves its own post, of course!  Do you do anything special to commemorate the Feast of Saint James?
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