Monday, April 21, 2014

An "Only in Idaho" Moment

While we were waiting to board our flight on Thursday, we noticed a girl swaddling what we first assumed was a baby.  We sat down, and then noticed that she had a cat carrier with her, and assumed she had a kitten.  But she was hard-core swaddling this "cat" -- you couldn't really see it buried in all of the blankets she had it wrapped in and she was lovingly pacing/rocking it as she waited for her flight.  She was putting some real love on this cat - I was impressed!

So, our toddler is staying at her and starts saying "cat, cat" to us, pointing at her, etc. and we said, "yeah, see she has a baby kitty" no big deal and of course he runs over to the girl to get a closer look.

The "cat" sticks out its nose.....and it's a PIG!

Livestock flying first class back down to Boise!  #onlyinidaho

M staring at Wilbur - although you can't see him in the pic.