Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Overly-Ambitious Self-Imposed Reading Challenge

So, I have been trying to read one book each week during summer.  I am failing, big time!

I still haven't finished The Botany of Desire.  I read it for a little while, and then want to put it down and pick up something lighter and easier.  My husband is often telling me that if I am not enjoying reading something, I should just stop reading it.  But I always feel like I need to "finish what I start."  Which in practice turns into simply putting that book aside for awhile, and reading others.  Once I get into it for a few pages, I can stick with it for awhile, but then I need a break from it.

M and I go to the library every week, and I always try to pick up some new books for him.  I can't resist looking for books for me as well, and I picked up The Last Summer of the Camperdowns a couple of weeks ago.  It took me a while to get into it, but when I got there, of course I had to finish it.  It was just a sad plot and I found myself getting annoyed by all of the adult characters (and their conversations) in the book.  Sad and depressing the whole way through, with a sad ending.

When we were camping, I picked up Where We Belong by Emily Giffin from the park ranger's "take or exchange" collection.  I love Emily Giffin, her books are always reliable summer reads and this one was no different.  The plot centers around an adoption, so I was especially intrigued.  I enjoyed reading it and I thought Ms. Giffin did a good job with some delicate matters at play in this particular adoption.

I would love any suggestions for more books to read!  Yesterday I started a short book called Here Now by Amy Wellborn.  I've had it own my shelf for a while but hadn't gotten around to reading it (is this beginning to sound like a broken record?)  I picked up Brideshead Revisited and The House of Mirth last week at the library.  And this morning when we were there, I picked up three more books: Until I Say Good-Bye (Susan Spencer-Wendel's memoir after her diagnosis with ALS), Defiant Brides ("The Untold Story of Two Revolutionary-Era Women and the Radical Men They Married"), and Another Place at the Table (written by a foster parent, Kathy Harrison).  So I pretty much need to stop blogging and get to reading!  Hope you are enjoying some summer reading too!

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