Friday, March 15, 2013

Half Marathon Training!

I decided to train for the Coeur d'Alene Half Marathon this year by joining the training group at our local Fleet Feet shop.  So far, it's turning out to be a great training program with a lot of great people.  Here's a brief recap of my workouts so far:

Week 1:
Monday 4 miles on the indoor track, Intro to Tempo Runs; Pilates, Intro to Hills and a Saturday 6 Miler.  These were great intro workouts and not too stressful.  The tempo workout included just 6 minute O/B runs with a nice long break in between, and the hill workout was kind of short, so it wasn't too hard.  The 6 miler was nice and easy and I was glad to see that I could cover 6 without walking, considering I hadn't run more than 4 in who knows how long.

Week 2:
I missed both of the group workouts during the week - whoops!  Didn't even get my own workouts in on those days so I was worried that the Sat. 6 would feel too tough since I only ran 4 miles again on Monday and went to Pilates on Wednesday.  It didn't, and we ran it almost 2 minutes faster than last weekend, so I was starting to feel like my general fitness was picking up.

Stay tuned for Week 3!

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