Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Breakfast!

Over the last few weeks, we've been indulging in Sunday breakfasts out on the town.  Our little baby has a short window of time for going out and about between when he wakes up and when he goes down for nap #1, but it's enough time for breakfast.  And, since we go early, we never have to wait for a table and he can squawk and squeal all he wants!

This week we went to a place on the main drag called Jonesy's.  Nothing special about it from driving by, but the breakfast was just fine, and our waiter kept our coffees full, which made for 3 very happy Ramseys.  I had a veggie omelet.  It was just fine - nothing special, but just fine and I was glad that someone other than me had to do the dishes!

It was an overcast morning, but still beautiful because the leaves are now changing to vibrant yellows.  As we sat in the restaurant, the fall colors reminded me of beautiful Haddonfield, NJ - but without NJ property taxes!  Fall in the West is beautiful, and early morning is a great time to enjoy it.

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