Friday, July 3, 2015

Our Anniversary

We celebrated 8 years of marriage in June!
Headed out to our ill-fated dinner

We usually just don't make a huge deal and just go out to dinner.  We don't have any babysitters yet, so it was a family affair to Granite City Brewing.  But we didn't last long out in public because poor baby J was over-tired and we basically had to run out of the restaurant before we could finish our meal.
My glass of sangria that I had to chug!

We ordered "Idaho nachos" as a starter - which turns out to be nacho toppings on waffle fries - carb loading at its finest!  M also yelled "it's snowing!" in the restaurant, which is apparently not a very funny thing to say in Minnesota in the summer.  Then we stopped at Target to buy formula and rushed home to rock that tired little baby to sleep.  So it was uneventful, but I'm grateful for another year of real life with my main squeeze!

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